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What Makes Us Different ?

It is our pleasure to introduce you to PARK TECH Solutions Ltd., your convenient virtual "IT wearhouse", providing software consulting and direct-hire recruitment services. It is our goal to bring clients the most current expertise, fast delivery, commitment and educational development. We provide capable and friendly IT professionals that emphasize service, problem solving and the solutions you require at any time in a project life cycle.

PARK TECH is a part of an evolutionary move toward solution/customer focused consulting. IT personnel and software companies are finding difficult to build and maintain services and applications in-house due to high cost involved. The need for faster implementation of information, applications, hosting and IT human resources is creating a new breed of consultant.

PARK TECH is one of the world's leading providers of information technology (IT) consulting services and solutions. Today we can provide contract and direct-hire recruiting services to the world's leading companies in critical technology sectors such as Internet core technologies, Software and Hardware, Intranets, Extranets, e-commerce, and ERP World.

We Treat our clients as partners. PARK TECH has specialized consultants in training and mentoring roles, allowing us to share real life software development experience with your team. This open exchange of knowledge and experience between PARK TECH Solutions and your company presents great advantages over the classical IT consultancy, which usually result in long-term dependencies.

Because our company is made up of developers we believe we have a greater ability to source talented IT professionals. The companies we have provided employment for are available for reference and act as a testament to the value our recruiting service has provided our clients.

Our Vision:
PARK TECH is committed to achieving excellence in delivering value to its customers. We have established win-win relationships and delighted our customers through our solutions.

Our Mission:
We want to be one of the most admired organizations for best business practices and be among the best in ensuring satisfaction, promoting creativity and fostering trust among our employees.

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